Our Visitors

Going through this experience, we want to acknowledge how important our visitors are to not only us but to Watch Hill. Watch Hill comes alive when you visit. We witnessed an energy and sense of community this summer strong enough to create the gravity we hoped for in taking on this endeavor and rarely encounter. From children playing manhunt by the dozens with all their timeless clamor and love of ice cream, to beach-breath from long days swimming in the cool break, strolls along the boardwalks and through the wilderness with a few mosquito bites along the way, to all the captivating Fire Island sunsets, the countless conversations and laughs with visitors, to couples young and old dancing in the moonlight on the tiki bar deck (forgive us we’re working on renaming), this has been an extraordinary summer at Watch Hill and just the beginning. We also want to recognize that as awful as this loss was there was no loss of life and we can all return to the safety of our homes and families whereas events fresh in our memory like survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and the loss of a loved one in our own Watch Hill community. To them, we send our love and support.

Watch Hill is Open 

To be sure, just like we had set out from day one, Watch Hill is open 7 days a week through Columbus Day. Thanks to the efforts of the first responders, the Watch Hill Marina, marina bathrooms, Dune Station, the campground, general store, and FINS Visitor Center are all untouched and open. Food & beverage service will resume Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have relocated the tents from our sunset deck to behind the retaining wall west of C-Basin. We’ll have BBQ hot dogs, burgers, roasted East End Corn, and a bar under the tent ’till 10 PM. Saturday afternoon we’ll have live Music with TJ Brown. We’ll set up our PA for some dance music later in the evening. Visitors please come and bring all of your friends as we need your support more than ever to rebuild. Since it may be a couple of weeks until we will have food & beverage services 7 days a week, please provision for meals accordingly. Look to our @loveFINS Instagram for additional announcements.

We Need Your Support to Rebuild

Many visitors, our staff, the greater Fire Island Community and FINS have all reached out to express their support and have already helped us move forward. Friends of Watch Hill (FOWH), Friends of Fire Island National Seashore, members of Casino Cafe, Davis Park Marina, Relle Electric, Fish Guy Photos and Fire Island and Beyond, among others have all come by to offer their support and have provided some already. We are humbled and extremely grateful. Whereas some boaters may shy away, so many of you have stepped up and said you’re coming to help us build our kitty for rebuilding including the Great South Bay Power Squadron. Thank you. In order to rebuild, we need to pack out Watch Hill Marina as much as possible between now and Columbus Day. To help fill the marina, especially on those beautiful sunny September weekends — the best time at the seashore in our estimation — we have lowered Saturday, Sunday and Columbus Day rates to $2/ft and $1/ft Monday – Friday. Another way to support us is by joining FOWH, a non-profit partner of ours and FINS

New Tent Setup

Follow @loveFINS on Instagram as we flesh out the remaining weekends this season. We are looking to provide more music programming. Think about joining FOWH and joining them at their end of year party at Watch Hill on Columbus Day weekend. We’re working on incorporating our Prosecco Weekend party that weekend

Nothing changes at Sailors Haven and it’s as awesome as ever.  Steve and his staff are doing an incredible job making your stay an enjoyable one. We’ll have live music by the Como Brothers this Sunday at the SassyFras Cafe.

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