Star pupil

Every Sun Chaser interviewed for this article pointed to a “star pupil,” Kathleen Fasano, who gained a lot more than sharpened skills for photography through the group.

Fasano, 66, had lost her husband, Robert, about three years before being introduced to the group of people she now considers family.

And she had lost a lot of herself as well, she said.

“I was pretty much, not in shock, but just going through life and dealing with survival and dealing with everything,” she said.

Through a concerned friend, she was introduced to the photographers who liked to meet often on the beach.

Fasano didn’t know much about photography then. She knows a lot more now.

“She just came down and didn’t know anything,” recalled Kelley. “She was just going out and shooting and hoping she’d get a picture. Now she’s posting some incredible shots.”

“It’s a wonderful group,” Fasano  said. “I’ve learned everything just from them and it’s just awesome how things turn out. And you look back, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m 66 years of age and I’m rediscovering myself again.”

“I know my husband would be very, very happy right now if he saw all of the good things that have happened,” she continued. “And I have to say, it’s because of the loving friendships of the Sun Chasers and everybody wanting to help me out and get me out of my shell. More of my personality is coming back now.”

“It’s just awesome,” she said. “My whole life has pretty much changed.”

Credit: L.I. Sun Chasers group photos by Mike Busch, Paul Harding and Douglas Kelley.