By Mike Busch 11-6-18

Following up on the recent update by Dr. Charles Flagg, I took advantage the perfect weather on Sunday to get a good look at the Old Inlet Wilderness Breach from above.  Dr. Flagg  believes the inlet is starting to close and from the video above and images below I would have to agree.  The tides were extraordinarily low on Sunday, exposing acres of sand fanned out into the bay and really showing how constricted the flow is between the Ocean and Bay.   It appears that there only three channels that lead into the Bay on the backside of the inlet and each one appears to filling in with sand.   The east channel, which used to be 20 feet deep and about 100 yards across looks be only about 30 feet wide.  Fire Island and Beyond has a built up a big library of video and imagery over the last several years, click here to see how the breach has evolved over time.

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