By Mike Busch

After taking a week off and having no time to shoot any wildlife myself, I really appreciate the efforts of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group  on Facebook.   The group now as over 11,500 members and are posting Nat Geo quality images day after day.  Below are about 40 images but trust me, this is just a small sample.  Feel free to join and contribute to see for yourself on a daily basis.

A few highlights include some beautiful immature Eastern Kingbirds, a White-eyed Vireo, and an elusive Clapper Rail.

The big action this week seems to be the Juvenile Bald Eagles that are now fully fledged.  Below you will see them posing, learning to hunt, fighting with Osprey, and interacting with their parents.  On page 5, be sure to check out a great video by Natalie Ann of two Eaglets practicing their fishing skills.  This week’s cover shot by Dan Fiore shows the beauty of these young birds with one in flight in perfect light.

Brian Doherty | American Oystercatchers

Carole Ryder | Immature Barn Swallow

Christopher Carl | Black Skimmers

Diane Van Dyke Greco | Osprey

Kaitlin Morris | Baby Diamondback Terrapin

Jimmy Johnny | Juvenile Bald Eagle

Natalie Ann | Juvenile Female Cardinal

Paul Maldonado | Eastern Kingbirds

More Images on Pages 2,3,4, and 5