By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group captured an incredible variety of birds this week.  October went down as one of the warmest on record, with many birds that might normally be gone mixing in with some early winter arrivals.

One downside to the warmer weather may be stranded Monarch Butterflies.  You will see below a few beautiful shots of them still hanging around below, but they really should be much closer to their winter homes in Mexico now may end up stranded and freeze.

Click here for an article with more detail.

Even after the storm over the weekend, the leaves are still fairly full.  Personally, I look forward to the barren trees of winter, giving a better chance of spotting wildlife and getting a clear shot.

This week I found so many great shots I stretched it to 10 images per page to get all 50 images included and still left a bunch of great ones behind, this group has some real talent for not only getting great shots but getting into position to capture some extraordinary moments.

This week’s cover shot goes to Vicki Jauron with a great shot of a splashing Mallard.

Cat Yelllen-Rebbenack | Osprey

Heff Stoppe | Belted Kingfisher

Isaac Lebowitz | Great Egret

Jason Frank | Coot

Jason Frank | Great Blue Heron

Lynda Wagner | Bald Eagle

Lisa Nasta | American Golden Plover

Lisa Nadler-Reischer | Great Egret

Robert Kaplan | Cooper’s Hawk

Robert Kaplan | Great Blue Heron

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