By Mike Busch

Things are happening a little late due the unseasonably warm weather but the Long Island Wildlife Photography group was able to find some interesting birds migrating through our area as well as some of our first winter visitors.

Some notable birds included an American Golden Plover, Nelson’s Sparrow, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Snow Goose, and Brown Booby.

The Brown Booby (from Cindy Goldman on Page 3) is a tropical bird that can sometimes get caught up in Hurricanes and Tropical Storms and end up in the Northeast.  We had at least one on Long Island last year featured here.

Reports are this bird is healthy and eating so hopefully he can find his way back home.

This weeks cover goes to Anita Regler with a beautiful shot of an American Avocet, another uncommon bird on Long Island that is normally just found in Western North America.

If you have the time check out all 5 pages of images!

Lisa Nasta | American Golden Plover

Claire Reilly | Peregrine Falcon

Fred Kopf | Black Crowned Night Heron

Heff Stoppe | Great Egret

Jeanne Eggers | Brant

John Martello | Dolphins

Robert Kaplan | Great Blue Heron

Russ Ogden | Nelson’s Sparrow