By Mike Busch 3-10-2017

After the snow stopped and skies cleared I took a ride to Bellport Dock just as a fresh snow squall headed out over the Bay.


After taking a few shots I headed to Smith Point suspecting I could catch up with the snow at sunset and maybe catch a rainbow.

On the way there my truck was pelted with what appeared in the air as snow but bounced off the windshield and turned out to be Graupel.  If you have never heard the term you can read about it below.

My son and I then hit the beach and got pelted with this stuff as the sunlight poured through and the winds started blasting out of the north.

A bunch of my photos were wrecked due to ice and snow on my lens but hopefully the shots below can illustrate the conditions.

Check out the Moon rising over the storm and a short video on Page 3.