The following update was provided be the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society

Due to high winds, we are planning to monitor the whale today, mostly from land. At last report, it still appeared healthy, and was swimming well. We want to avoid stressing the animal today, and want to avoid further habituating it to boats. We are moving equipment and vessels into place to prepare to attempt to herd the whale out of the channel tomorrow. Working with NOAA, DEC, the Town of Hempstead, US Coast Guard, IFAW volunteers, and local community members, we’re going to use fireboats and other vessels to encourage the whale toward the closest outlet to the ocean.

We will be starting first thing in the morning, and will post updates as we have them.

Boaters: Please keep a close lookout wherever you are! The whale has been spotted in shallow areas as well as in deeper channels. If you see the whale, please be sure to give it space and report the sighting to, with as much specific information about its location as you can.

Here is a video update from WCBS TV that ran last evening. 

Here is the story, images, and video from Wednesday with the whale.