By Mike Busch

Now that I am a licensed drone pilot I am free to market and legally sell aerial photography services.  I have been shooting some Real Estate but I think there is also a market for boat photography.   For many people their boat is their favorite place to be, why not offer high quality images and videos of their boat in action or in front of a favorite landmark?

A few weeks ago, Brad Wilson reached out to me to discuss both!  Brad specializes in commercial and waterfront Real Estate for Jamie Winkler Real Estate in West Islip.

It turns out he is also a licensed Charter Captain and owner of Hooked On Long Island Sport Fishing Charters out of West Islip.  Brad had seen some of my Drone work online and wanted some images and video of his charter boat underway around the Great South Bay.

“Rum Runner” is a Luhrs 36 Open with a custom teak deck,  all the latest electronics and fully rigged for serious fishing.

We finally got on the boat on Monday night and took a tour from West Islip, covering the Great South Bay Bridge, Fire Island Lighthouse, Fire Island Inlet Bridge, Captree Boat Basin, and Captree Island before heading back as the sun set.

I shot most of these same locations from the land just last week, if you missed that click here. 

Conditions were not ideal for launching and retrieving the drone off the boat with winds steadily picking up to over 20 m.p.h.  Wind always makes flying the drone a challenge but hand landing from the stern of a moving boat got a little too exciting so I had to cut the flight short and just use my DSLR for the rest of the trip.  We left some shots on the table and may have to try again!

It was still a beautiful ride and I will definitely look to charter the “Rum Runner” later in the season for some fishing.   If you are interested in booking a trip call 1-833-GET-HOOKED!


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