By Mike Busch

A low pressure system passed by our area Saturday night and raced toward Nova Scotia on Sunday, leaving behind some impressive storm surf at the south shore beaches.  I wasn’t expecting some of the biggest waves in recent memory so picked a bad morning to sleep in.  When I checked the Fire Island and Beyond surf cam on my phone I knew I missed a great opportunity at sunrise but the waves still looked great.  Below is some video rewind from the surf cam between 6:30 and & 7:30 a.m.

I got down to Smith Point Beach to check things out for myself around 8:30 and took way too many photos and some slow motion video.  I started out the Fire Island National Seashore Wilderness Center and then moved to the Outer Beach area near the campground.  The reason I prefer slow motion is that with a long lens and windy conditions you end up with shaky video that is tough to watch.  I find the slow motion makes for smoother video and you end up with some wild action that is hard to pick up at real speed.

Bigger Waves on Pages 2,3, and 4