We ran into a Harbor Seal in the Ocean off Cupsogue Beach on the way out.  I checked with in with Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI who tells me the Seal arrived right on schedule and is probably one of around 100 that spend the winter inside the inlet.  CRESLI’s 14th year of Seal Walks at Cupsogue starts November 24. Over 18,300 seal encounters in over 300 trips. Go to for info.

Harbor Seal

We also ran into a some Ocean birds and ducks including Northern Gannet, Black Scoters and big flocks of Cormorants.

Northern Gannet

Black Scoter


We steamed around and found some birds and small silver rain bait but not takers initially.  After a quick fuel stop we headed out again and saw some splashes under the birds and Cary nailed our first keeper bass of about 36 inches.  For the next few hours we kept moving, finding the birds, bait and four more keeper size bass, but kept one legal fish per person.

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