By Mike Busch

I hope everybody had a great Father’s Day weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!  I had the pleasure of visiting Old Inlet by boat over the weekend a few times and even got my two oldest children to go with me Sunday.

The images below were taken during two separate flights, both around mid-day at high tide.  Water clarity was incredible.  The attached video is a little longer than usual, with footage from both days and a clip of the ride home across the bay.

I am still concerned with sand clogging and potentially closing the inlet, I need to get a look at low tide over the next few weeks.

I also included a link to a high-resolution gallery from the Great South Bay Images website  on page 3.  Quite a few people have complained that they can’t zoom on the images on this website so maybe that problem will be addressed.


More Images on pages 2 and 3