I noticed on Marine Track some new tug boats arrived on Tuesday after steaming from New Jersey:  the Camie , the Sea Cypress and the Capt Brennan.

Also on scene is another smaller service vessel, the Dan G , which looks like it will be ferrying workers back and forth from a marina in Moriches.

I took a ride on the Outer Beach just before sunset on Tuesday and noticed that a series of steel buoys are now deployed between Smith Point and Moriches, most likely related to the 5 miles of pipe to move the dredge material.

  I also noticed the Sea Wolf heading West, and according to MarineTraffic.com was heading back to New Jersey over night for more equipment along with the Monica Lynn.


When I reached the inlet I was surprised how much material was brought in over night with about 30 lengths of pipe that looked to be at least 300 feet long along with a huge crane and three more barges and the three tug boats I mentioned earlier.


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