By Mike Busch

Hurricane Jose has maintained it’s strength as of the 11:00 a.m. advisory and will continue to cause problems on our beaches.  We are under a Tropical Storm Watch and High Surf Advisory until further notice.  Jose has jogged west and may be a little  closer to our area than forecast.  Tides are running higher than normal due to the New Moon and any surge and waves associated with Jose will cause further dune erosion and potential overwash, particulary during the next few high tide cycles starting this evening.

I also note the bay side of Fire Island is also very high as seen on the screenshot from the Davis Park marina cam below.


Also getting reports from Ocean Beach that has Bay side flooding and Atlantique with Ocean front flooding.

The video below was taken on the Davis Park Surf Cam stationed on top of the Davis Park Casino on Fire Island. 

Jim Simpson sent this in from Smith Point at the same time below.

This morning’s high tide has now passed, but look for the water to come up even higher late this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Jan Shannon of Though My Eyes Photography sent in some shots from Smith Point, check them out on page 2!

Photo Credit | Jan Shannon