By Mike Busch

As the year comes to a close I have a few thoughts on putting together the weekly best of the Long Island Sun Chasers.

First of all, with 3000 talented and passionate members, there is no way to include everyone and do it in a fair way.  I don’t play favorites and if you aren’t included don’t take it personally,  I just pick what catches my eye and I have to do it quickly.

I am also noticing that the quality of the images gets better each week.  Photography is a fantastic hobby and it is never too late to get started.  Some of the best photographers in the group only recently picked up a DSLR and have hit the ground running.

This week also showcases Long Island at its winter finest with fresh snow and dazzling skies.

I tried something new this week and put everything in chronological order to give a sense of time as well.  Thursday and Friday both had some of the most amazing skies of the year at sunrise, it’s interesting to see images from all over the Island taken right around the same time.

I want to thank all the members, photographers and people who visit this site and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Trish Minogue Collins | Montauk Lighthouse

Trish Minogue Collins | Montauk Lighthouse

Andy Craig | Bayard

Danielle Leef | Montauk Point

Steve Mitchell | East Islip

Jim Simpson | Moriches

Pamela Bracken Morrison

Andy Craig | Fire Island Lighthouse

Asia Lee Robert Moses

Jim Simpson | Wertheim

Mark Harrington | Cupsogue

Douglas Kelley | Robert Moses

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