By Mike Busch

The second week of September featured some cooler mornings,  beautiful skies, big surf and emptier beaches.  If the forecast holds expect another beautiful weekend with another set of waves generated by Tropical Storm Jose.   Jose could become an issue for us next week and if so,  I can guarantee that the Long Island Sun Chasers will be out and about capturing images of everything mother nature has to offer.

Besides the normal beach and Long Island landscapes this week, a bunch of the Chasers made their way to Brooklyn to photograph the annual Tribute in Lights in memory of those fallen on 9-11.  Since Brooklyn is part of Long Island and 9-11 is something we can never forget I thought it was appropriate to add a few of those on page 6.

This week’s cover photo goes to Trish Minogue Collins who nailed a beautiful Sunrise over the surf with a bonus inferior mirage.

Fred Lingen | Robert Moses

James Trezza | Robert Moses

Steven Sager | Jones Beach

Trish Minogue Collins | Narrows Bay

Linda Karlin | Woodmere

Kevin Conn | Captree

More images on pages 2,3,4,5, and 6!