By Mike Busch

This week brought some of the wildest weather of the year with several storm fronts passing the area with dramatic skies, shelf clouds, and rainbows.  Since most of these events are very local, having Long Island Sun Chasers spread out all over Long Island ensures that if something happens there is a great chance someone will be there to capture it.

Speaking of shelf clouds and rainbows, Trish Minogue Collins did a great job of capturing both on Wednesday night, click here if you missed it.

This week images spread from the tip of the North Fork at Orient Point all the way back to Woodmere on Nassau County’s South Shore.

As always, if you would like one of these printed or framed I can put you in touch with the photographer!

If you have time, scroll through all 5 pages!


Jeremy Garretson | Orient Point

Pamela Bracken Morrison| Peconic Bay

Martin Losco | Fire Island Inlet

Trish Minogue Collins | Smith Point

Robert Seifert | Lashley Beach

Fred Greco | Robert Moses Water Tower

More images on pages 2,3,4 and 5.