By Mike Busch

Going through this week’s images from the Long Island Sun Chasers reminded me of why I love it here.  Despite high taxes, traffic and 1000 other things to complain about, we have an amazing variety of beautiful locations, with most less than an hour away in any direction. Considering how many isolated coves, harbors and beaches we have to choose from it would take years to explore them all.   One of the great things about this group is  seeing many locations that I otherwise wouldn’t know existed!  Throw in some Fall color, a big storm and some dramatic skies and you end up with some amazing photography as you will see below.

Speaking of dramatic skies, this week had brilliant morning clouds even on otherwise overcast days.  I don’t know if there is a scientific reason but it seems like every year we get the best skies in the morning during mid to late fall.

Some of the shots below deserve to be on a wall, if a particular image gets your attention, consider a print for you home or office.  I would be happy to put you in touch with the photographer if you send an email to

This week’s cover goes to Jan Shannon with a beautiful image of Bellport Dock taken on Wednesday morning.  Hard to believe 48 hours earlier the entire marina was under water!

If you have the time check out all 5 pages.


Trish Minogue Collins | Smith Point

Fred Lingen | Heckscher State Park

Brian Cozzie | Bay Shore

Danielle Leef | Mecox Bay

Pat Deluca

Steve Mitchell | Robert Moses

Trish Minogue Collins | Old Inlet

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