By Mike Busch

The Long Island Sun Chasers continue to bring on new members (2700 and counting) and have a great time while showing Long Island in the best light possible.  Going through the weekly photos it is hard to believe how much ground many manage to cover every week.

It is getting to the point that if you see someone with a camera near a beach they are either a sun chaser or they know a few.

The images this week span from Long Beach to the west out to Orient on the North Fork.

As we get further into the Fall, you are going to start to see some new locations that will only improve as the sun continues marching south.  Many spots facing the bay on the south shore are starting to get both sunrise and sunset over the water.  Fall also tends to have some of the best skies of the year as you will see some tremendous cloudscapes included below.

This week’s cover photo goes to Linda Karlin with a beautiful image from Long Beach.

If you have the time, check out all 5 pages!

Douglas Kelley | Robert Moses

Jan Shannon | Bellport

Kathleen Prokop Massi | Port Jefferson

Vincenzo Giordano | Wantagh

Russ Lascala

Paul Demichael | Blue Point

Trish Minogue Collins | Wertheim

Patty Mede | Westhampton