By Mike Busch

I was in New York City too late Thursday to get the Friday edition of the best of the Long Island Sun Chasers ready.  Considering how amazing Friday’s sunrise turned out to be this was a very good thing as I could have done this entire feature based on that!

Although it still doesn’t really feel like Fall with temperatures running above normal and trees still full of green leaves, the transit of the Sun and schedule of sunrise and sunset are indications things are about to change!  As you can see on the screenshot below, sunset is now favoring the late risers, not appearing until 7:00 a.m.  Clocks will not change until November 5th with the Sun rising at 7:26. so no reason to sleep in for the next few weeks.   The Sun is also moving South for sunset and will soon start setting over the Ocean on the south shore depending on your location.

Below are just some of the best Long Island Sun Chaser images taken this week, the rest can be seen daily on their Facebook page here.  If you are stuck at work or just want to see some beautiful images around the Island,  feel free to join!

This week’s cover was a tough choice but I have to give it to Trish Minogue Collins who nailed the scene from the Babylon Docks on Friday morning.  As always, if a particular image grabs your attention and you want a print, let me know and I can put you in touch with the photographer!


Trish Minogue Collins | Babylon

Craig Alexander | Bellport

Artie Raslich | Rockaway

Fred Greco | Captree

Jan Shannon | Bellport

Trish Foutch | Oak Beach

Linda Karlin | Long Beach

Lynda Wagner | Brookhaven

More images on pages, 2,3,4, and 5!