By Mike Busch

I don’t think I am alone looking for the first shot of cooler weather now that Fall has officially arrived.

That may get some birds moving as well because going through this week’s images from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group it still looks like Summer with a bunch of Osprey, Egrets, Herons and Shorebirds still hanging around.

Many of these birds will soon be heading as far as South America for the Winter which still boggles the mind.

A few highlights this week include a beautiful Screech Owl, a Northern Water Snake, and a Clapper Rail.

This week’s cover shot goes to Jason Frank with one of the Ospreys still hanging around or migrating through our area.

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Scott Dere | Osprey

Jeanne Eggers | Eastern Screech Owl

Lisa Nasta Lesser Yellowlegs

Rich Labella | Juvenille Black Skimmer

Steven Williams | Black Bellied Plover

Tony Fanni | Belted Kingfisher

Tony Fanni | Eastern Towhee

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