By Mike Busch

Mid September is an interesting time for Long Island Wildlife Photography as the fall migration is kicking into a higher gear.  Some of the Osprey started leaving in late August for central and south America but stragglers can still be seen into October.  Migratory warblers are also passing through making for some tough identification for many of us.   We should only have a few more weeks of our beautiful shorebirds as well.

Keeping up with the migration theme, fall is a great time to see the various raptors that pass through Long Island on their way south.  Our next bird of the week will be the Merlin, a small but fierce falcon captured well below by Kirk Hatzmann below.

This week’s cover shot goes to John Martello with a beautiful Black Skimmer in flight with his catch of the day.

Kirk Hatzmann | Merlin

Fred Kopf | Black Skimmer

Jennifer Russo | Cormorant

Kirk Hatzmann | Osprey

Robert Kaplan | Great Crested Flycatcher

Lorraine Sepulveda | Cormorant with catfish

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