By Mike Busch

Another stellar week from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group as they continue to amaze with unique finds and stellar images of local wildlife on land, air and sea.

This week includes a few more uncommon birds including a Tricolored Heron, Cattle Egret, and Black Vulture.

Offshore the action is also heating up with a Fin Whale, lunge feeding Humpback, and a Sandbar (Brown) Shark.

The Menhaden (bunker) have been extremely thick up and down the beaches which is a great sign for for the fall fishing and whale watching season coming up.  There were multiple reports of humpbacks right off a number of south shore beaches this week so keep your eyes peeled!  We will also be announcing some group opportunities to go whale watching with CRESLI out of Montauk and Gotham Whale off New York City soon.

Speaking of sharks, if you head out to Montauk, look just southeast of Gurney’s for the M/V Ocearch, a converted Bering Sea Crab Boat now used as a research and shark tagging platform.  They have already caught, tagged and released 10 juvenille Great White Sharks in the last week or so and will continue the Expedition NY operation through next week.  I was out with them on Tuesday and will follow up with a story and images shortly.

This week’s cover photo goes to Charlie Spinnato with a great image of some juvenile Black Skimmers.

If you have time be sure to check out all 6 pages and consider sharing with a friend that might have no idea of the crazy stuff this group runs into!


Anita Regler | Common Terns

Charlie Spinnato | Osprey

Cindy Goldman | Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Claire Relly Juvenille | Tri Color Heron

Gerty MB | Humpback Whale

Jason Frank | Black Vulture