By Mike Busch

Even though the title of this weekly piece says “Best of Long Island Wildlife Photography” that isn’t really fair.  There are so many dedicated and talented photographers contributing it is more like the first 30 or 40 out of well over 1000 images weekly that happen to catch my eye, I know I am missing a bunch.

This week the weather finally broke and I am happy to include some wildlife from the Ocean as several members found some Long Island Wildlife off our beaches with Bottlenose Dolphins, Fin Whales, and an Ocean Sunfish or Mola, Mola.  Michael Witten put together a very nice piece yesterday with some great photo tips on offshore dolphin and whale watching photography, if you missed that click here.

Also,  Dr. Artie Kopelman of Cresli will now be giving us occasional if not weekly updates of his Montauk Whale Watching trips, look for the first one tomorrow.  Dr. Kopelman also reported a feeding Humpback off Smith Point on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled when at the beach!

Keeping up with this weeks’s Ocean theme, the cover shot goes to Andy Craig who captured a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins passing Ocean Beach.

If you have the time, scroll through all 6 pages and share with a friend that might not know about all the amazing wildlife on our Island.

Bob Sanderson | Osprey

Bottle Nose Dolphin off Ocean Beach | Andy Craig

Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano | American Oystercatchers

Brian Doherty | Common Tern

Charlie Spinnato | Juvenille Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Diana Poulos-Lutz | Black Skimmer

Glenn Urquhart | Green Herons on Nest

More images on pages 2-6