By Mike Busch

Another week and another 1000 plus photos submitted by the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.  Even though we are in the summer doldrums, members are still capturing stunning images of birds, amphibians, marine mammals and even backyard bugs.

A few notable images this week include an Atlantic Ghost Crab from Brian Doherty, a stunning Tern at Sunrise from Vicki Jauron (almost 700 likes on Facebook) and a sideways lunge feeding Fin Whale from Dr. Artie Kopelman.  Look for another update from Artie’s Montauk Whale watch tomorrow.

We also resumed our bird of the week with Dianne Taggart this week, if you missed the feature on the Glossy Ibis click here.  We are moving to a two-week schedule, the next bird will be the American Bittern so start getting your best shots together.

On a side note, I spoke at this month’s Eastern Long Island Audubon Society meeting at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge on Monday.  Besides discussing wildlife photography, I explained to the group what we are doing with the Long Island Wildlife Photography page and I hopefully got a few of these very knowledgable birders to join our group.  Birders and Photographers are not always on the same page but we share a lot of the same concerns for the environment and a love for the outdoors.  This is a very active group with a full calendar of organized walks, meetings and guest speakers.  Check out their website and consider joining.

This week’s cover photo goes to Fred Kopf with a very nice image of some young Oystercatchers sharing a drink.

There are 40 images this week, if you have time try to scroll through all 6 pages!

Dr. Artie Kopelman | Fin Whale

Tern at Sunrise | Vicki Jauron

Oystercatcher Chicks | Fred Kopf

Diamondback Terrapin | Brian Doherty

Bunny | Jackie Connelly Fornuff

Bald Eagle | Robert Besancon

Black Skimmer | Lisa Nadler-Reischer

More images on pages 2,3,4,5 and 6