By Mike Busch

As I put this feature together, I notice the Long Island Wildlife Photography group just surpassed 8000 members!  Thanks to everybody that has helped make this in one of the best Facebook groups you will find anywhere with a huge group of talented, knowledgable, helpful, and ethical photographers.

Great mix of images this week with notable highlights including some Brown Pelicans, a Marsh Wren, Indigo Bunting and our first ever Eyed Click Beetle.

Another highlight would be the Least and Common Terns feeding their chicks, be sure to check out the bottom of page 5 for a great video by Vincenzo Giordano.

The cover photo this week is from Dr. Artie Kopeleman of Cresli who reported a Juvenille female Grey Seal at Robert Moses.  She was eventually checked out by the Riverhead Foundation and determined to be O.K.

If you have the time check out all 5 pages!

Brian McMahon | Widow Skimmer

Charlie Spinnato | Willet

Dr Artie Kopelman | Juvenille female Grey Seal

Heff Stoppe | Cedar Waxwing

Jay Gammill | Goldfinch

Jerry Adamo | Common Tern

Jimmy Johnny | Yellow Crowned Night Heron