By Mike Busch

Another great week for the Long Island Wildlife Photography group .  Jim Botta stepped up again and picked the photos, it is always nice to get a fresh eye on things.  With over 12,000 members and picking up about 50 per week there are too many great images to make the cut and I am sure we miss some.

One of the highlights this week was a beautiful Northern Saw-whet Owl.  This Owl is tiny, with adults only 6- 9 inches tall and small enough to nest in woodpecker holes.  I have never seen one but it’s on my bucket list.  Learn more about this Owl here. 

Other notable finds include the return of Long Tailed Ducks, Northern Shoveler, Harlequin Duck, Common Eider, Pied-Billed Grebe, and several Northern Screech Owl.

While the Humpback Whales have been around, getting out to see them has been tougher.  Rough seas have cancelled a number of trips on the American Princess Cruises with Gotham Whale out of Breezy Point but things look good for this weekend.  They are also running next weekend with a special boat for Friday after Thanksgiving.  Click here for more details.

This week’s cover goes to Kathleen Desiderio with a great shot of two Juvenile Bald Eagles together.

If you have time check out all 6 pages including three more amazing videos  on the last page from Natalie Ann, who inspires many of us to use video more when we run into wildlife.

Saw-Whet Owl – Sharon Dorsey

Belted Kingfisher – Kay Intemann

Black Squirrel – Janis Hurley

Cedar Waxwing – Eric Larsen

Common Eider – Vincenzo Giordano

Double-Crested Cormorant – Heff Stoppe

Eastern Bluebird – Gerty MB

Golden Crowned Kinglet – Brian Doherty

Hooded Merganser – Barbara Lash

Hooded Merganser – Bob Schmitz

More Images on Pages 2,3,4,5 and 6