By Mike Busch 6-16-19

First of all we want to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day!  Why not kick it off with a huge gallery of photos from the Long Island Wildlife Photography?  By the looks of the photos this week, there are tons of new fathers on the wildlife scene with some fantastic photos of chicks and immature birds.  Thanks to Jim Botta for the help in getting the photos together!

This week some notable finds include Clapper Rail, Bridled Tern, Great Crested Flycatcher, Sand Hill Crane, Tri- colored Heron, Little Blue Heron, and Eastern Kingbird.

This weeks cover goes to Jacqueline Elizabeth Stoll with a great shot of Great and Snowy Egrets together.

If you have a minute check out all 8 pages including two new videos from Natalie Ann and feel free to share!

Wood Duck – Daryl Ramrattan

Barn Swallows – Jim Botta

Clapper Rail – Dan Fiore

Great & Snowy Egrets – Jacqueline Elizabeth Stoll

Glossy Ibis – Richard Biscardi

Humpback Whale – Paul Peluso

Osprey – Christopher Carl

Oystercatcher Chick – Vincenzo Giordano

Peregrine Falcon – Steven Williams