By Mike Busch

This year’s first heat wave came and went this week but that didn’t slow down the Long Island Wildlife Photography group as they continue to amaze with great shots and finds from all over the Island.

Some notable birds this week include a Black Necked Stilt, more Cattle Egrets, and a Common Loon still here in full breeding plumage.

This week’s cover photo is a Diamondback Terrapin captured perfectly by Charlie Spinnato.  It is also a reminder that we are in prime nesting time for these endangered turtles so please be careful around potential nesting areas.  Females leave the marshes around this time of year and lay the eggs in sand or fields near the water and leave them with a small layer of sand on top.  They are easily crushed or driven over.  Hopefully the New York State DEC finally follows through and stops the legal harvest of these turtles that has been proposed.  To learn more about these turtles check out this article by Grace Scalzo.

If you have time, check out all 5 pages!


Vicki Jauron | Black Necked Stilt

Snapping Turtle | John Lamont

Piping Plover Chick | David Decosta

Ospreys with chick | Andy Craig

Osprey | Jimmy Johnny

Yellow Crowned Night Heron | Tina Zito